Fashion and Interior Designing

Every woman out there, of all groups can testify to the importance of owning their little black dress. The dress is a staple in a woman's wardrobe because it can be used in more than one manner. Black is a classic color that works for both formal and informal occasions. But more than the dress having a classic look, the dress is a secret weapon that women turn to in a pinch. Combining the dress along with other fashion accessories will determine the formal or informal look. The dress allows a woman to "throw something together" and still achieve a look that appears very well planned.

Fashion can be compared to interior design because of the process used. Within both processes exists a staple piece or focal point. In fashion, the black dress is the focal point, which is complemented by fashion accessories. In interior design, the focal point is an item you first notice upon entering the room, complemented by household accessories. Common focal points are things such as fireplaces and large paintings. But focal points do not have to exist on a grand scale. Just like in a woman's wardrobe, the focal feature can be something basic and simple; just noticeable.

If you are like the majority of people, creating a room's focal point can be quite challenging. Where do you begin? Well, there are factors to consider when choosing an appropriate focal point, like the room's size or existing décor. However, if you are trying to simplify the process even further, have you considered the following?

A classic area rug is a very simple way to create a focal point. An area rug can be that "little black dress" you pull from the closet in a pinch. Consider what a floral area rug could do for your décor. Floral area rugs are perfect for spring and summer. They are typically full of color and have the ability to rescue a room from a boring existence. In a room that offered no previous focal point, your eyes will surely be drawn to the vibrant floral rug.

If you are not so into flowery décor, you could perhaps opt for a contemporary area rug as your room's focus. Contemporary rugs are available in a stunning variety of styles and colors. A contemporary rug can transport a room into modern times without breaking the bank. Walking into a room and having your attention immediately drawn to a modern focal point sets the stage for a room that is up-to-date. Completing the modern look is as simple as updating the room's accessories; further bringing the room's décor into a modern feel. This "little black dress" definitely becomes a staple in this room's design.

Only you can determine the look you want your "little black dress" to provide. Formal, informal, floral, or contemporary; the list can go on and on. It's easy to see how an area rug can transform a room in a pinch. Just like that little black dress, with the use of basic accessories can provide the exact look you want to achieve. An area rug can do the same for any room.

Design consultant Sarah loves interior design and getting inspiration from unusual sources. Her most popular tip is to accessorize and some of her favorites are red rugs and black rugs.

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Home Decor Lamps - How to Choose Beautiful Lamps to Decorate Your Home

Decorative lamps are home accents that make every part of the house beautiful. They enhance the rooms with style, design and color. Décor lamps in every room may not serve well as you go around the daily activities in the house. They do not always offer the specific lighting needed to let you see clearly a certain work at hand. To guide you in choosing the ideal home décor lamps, you have to take some careful considerations that would really count.

The mood in every room that you have in mind: Lighting can create and influence different kinds of mood in a room. When a room is brightly lit it dictates a lively mood; on the other hand a darker room projects a soft and intimate mood.

Will the lights create harmony within a particular area: Designers always remind that in any room you decorate with lamps, you have to be sure that the decor complement the room. Lamps and mood should be in harmony which can be achieved through appropriate lights; what types to use in exactly where they are appropriate.

The functionality of each room: It's hard to use inadequate lighting when the function of the room is for tasks that requires bright light such as kitchen surface areas, garage, and laundry area. If the function of a room is for study, reading or computer work you need reading lamps on the right locations with lights focusing on the things you do, preferably coming from your back. Wrong lighting can hurt the eyes and cause fatigue.

Different types of lamps to light up your home:

1. Wall lamps - lights the wall and decors on it.

2. Directional lighting - focuses the light on a certain object to make it attractive.

3. Table lamps or overhead lighting - for desk and computer work.

4. Soft lighting - for bedrooms and places of relaxation.

5. Fluorescent lights - for utility and work rooms. They offer bright lighting for tasks that need a great deal of work and time.

Decor lamps can offer the ambiance and atmosphere home owners desire. They can change the mood and bring life into every room. Proper installation and maintenance is always necessary to ensure that you have an ideal and safe home with decorative lamps. When planning or choosing decor lamps becomes a hard task for you, an interior designer can assist in making your decisions.

By Amy C.
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What is on your desktop?

Each of us has a table at which we work, create and eat ... and we do have a lot of things useful. You remember, not spying, what is on your desktop? Note, papers, books, briefcases, gifts, cosmetics, photography, fine detail or stylish office supplies, in general, the important thing for us.
Let's see what lies on the tables of others, surely, something interesting and supervision of design options for the area around your desktop.
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Use a Wall Mural to Give Your Child a Fantasy Land in Their Room

All children have fantasy characters and times and places that they adore. Whether they are a boy or a girl, kids are going to love having a wall mural on their room. This mural can portray anything your child is interested in. They are going to feel like they are in another world when they have a mural to look at and enjoy right in their own room.

There are many artists who have dedicated their art careers on doing wall murals in homes. One of the most popular rooms to have a wall mural painted on is the children's room. Children just love having these life size paintings on their wall.

If your child loves medieval times, you can have a castle and some knights and dragons as the theme for the mural. You can go two ways with this. You can make it look like it is a cartoon, or you can have it painted to look realistic and true to life.

Some children have favorite video games that they like to play. You can have a scene from their video games as the main topic of the mural. You can even have them painted into the scene wearing their favorite characters clothes and made to look like a cross between the character and your child.

There is no end to the ways a wall mural can transport your child to another time, continent or even places not of this world. The only limitation is your or your child's imagination.
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Home Interior Design Ideas For Children

Designing and decorating living space for children can be a very fun and exciting part of home Interior design. It's easy to let your imagination go because children are very creative and imaginative on their own. That's also why it's a good idea to include children in the planning stages of your design as they can often come up with great ideas on their own that you would never think of.

Probably one of the best places to start on designing a theme for a child's room is to start with their own favorite activity or interest. Of course, as children grow up their interests often change dramatically, so try to decorate in such a way that the accessories can be changed as a child gets older and gets more interested in other activities. But usually, children will get very excited if they know that their room will be decorated to reflect their favorite interests. Just be sure to go over it carefully with them in advance to get their input on what they really like. That way your Interior design will be sure to be a hit.

When designing and decorating for children, one of the advantages is that you can often choose color schemes and combinations that you do not often use in adult surroundings. In fact, you can often go much brighter and bolder with colors that you select for children. You can also arrange the room in a different way then you would normally with most adult rooms. For instance, a chalkboard or toy box may be the centerpiece of a child's room, and this would be far more appropriate than making a seating arrangement the focal point instead.

The accessories that you choose for a child's room will also be completely different than those that you choose for an adult. Toys and collectibles make great accessories for the room of a child. However, the child may want to play with these toys instead of just leave them on display. In this case, it may be advisable to buy duplicates of the toy accessories. One set can be used for display, and the other set can be used as an actual toy. It's also not best to use collectibles that are of high value in a child's room. Remember, children just want to have fun. And they aren't thinking about the price or cost of a collectible item. So whatever collectibles you choose to use as decorations in your child's room should not be so expensive that it would cause a problem if it became broken.

Another great way to spice up the appearance of a child's room is to use one of the millions of available bed treatments as a central theme that fits in with the overall design of the room. Usually these kind of bed treatments packages come as a full set that includes matching sheets, a comforter, dust ruffle, and window coverings. Altogether, these can quickly change the overall appearance of the child's room very fast. Once again, just make sure that you involve your child in the buying decision process to make sure that it is something that they will be happy with.

When changing the overall theme of a child's room, just keep in mind that most changes you make should not be considered to be permanent at this stage in their life. It's not uncommon to have to change the theme of a child's room every couple of years or so to stay up with their changing interests. And kids are very hard on their furniture as a general rule. So there is no need to be buying expensive furniture and accessories that may only last a short while or get ruined.

Finally and most importantly, the focus of all home interior design ideas for your children can be summed up in two words, have fun!

Thad Pickering writes on many consumer related topics including home improvement. You can find out more about home interior decoration and bedroom interior design by visiting our Home Improvement website.

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How To Design a Bathroom

If you’re designing a new bathroom, there are a few things you need to think through before you start to tear down or build up.

Before designing the color or accessories you’re going to add, figure out the floor plans. Space is the first thing you need to be sure of before you do anything.

The first thing you should do is draw out a floor plan, leaving out current accessories or fixtures that you want to get rid of. Window space and door frames should be considered and marked in your floor plans as well.

Make wall to wall measurements keeping in mind the electrical fixtures (outlets, and plumbing.)

Look for possible fixtures like towel racks or vanities you would like to incorporate into your new bathroom look and get measuments from everything considered.

Remember, you also need to keep in mind the local building codes from your town or state. If you’re trying to get maximum floor space, 21 to 24 inches from bathtubs, sinks and toilets will be great.

Handicap accessible bathrooms will require more floor space for wheelchair mobility. The simplest way to put all of your design ideas together is to draw out a map of your bathroom after you’ve measured everything and have prospective fixtures on hand.

A bathroom architectural template is recommended for optimal results. You can mix and match all of your appliances and fixtures on paper so everything will be kept worry-free and in an organized manner.

After you’ve completed the measuring and picked out everything you’re going to put in your new bathroom, you should choose a color or wall design.

Tile is the most reliable thing to use for floors and shower walls. A nice solid color will compliment any bathroom and keep it looking clean without you having to do much maintence work.

You can pick out a color for your bathroom at any hardware or paint shop. Curtains, shades or blinds will also compliment the color you choose.

Once you really start to put effort into getting a new look, things will come together and show your creativity.

Remodeling your bathroom is a great project that you can do for a little amount of money if you find the right resources!
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