How To Design a Bathroom

If you’re designing a new bathroom, there are a few things you need to think through before you start to tear down or build up.

Before designing the color or accessories you’re going to add, figure out the floor plans. Space is the first thing you need to be sure of before you do anything.

The first thing you should do is draw out a floor plan, leaving out current accessories or fixtures that you want to get rid of. Window space and door frames should be considered and marked in your floor plans as well.

Make wall to wall measurements keeping in mind the electrical fixtures (outlets, and plumbing.)

Look for possible fixtures like towel racks or vanities you would like to incorporate into your new bathroom look and get measuments from everything considered.

Remember, you also need to keep in mind the local building codes from your town or state. If you’re trying to get maximum floor space, 21 to 24 inches from bathtubs, sinks and toilets will be great.

Handicap accessible bathrooms will require more floor space for wheelchair mobility. The simplest way to put all of your design ideas together is to draw out a map of your bathroom after you’ve measured everything and have prospective fixtures on hand.

A bathroom architectural template is recommended for optimal results. You can mix and match all of your appliances and fixtures on paper so everything will be kept worry-free and in an organized manner.

After you’ve completed the measuring and picked out everything you’re going to put in your new bathroom, you should choose a color or wall design.

Tile is the most reliable thing to use for floors and shower walls. A nice solid color will compliment any bathroom and keep it looking clean without you having to do much maintence work.

You can pick out a color for your bathroom at any hardware or paint shop. Curtains, shades or blinds will also compliment the color you choose.

Once you really start to put effort into getting a new look, things will come together and show your creativity.

Remodeling your bathroom is a great project that you can do for a little amount of money if you find the right resources!
Photo: zaremontom.com