Small Kitchen Design - Everything You Need to Know

By Thomas Baugh

If you've only got a tight space to work in and want to achieve a small kitchen design that really works, then there are a few things you've got to remember.

Firstly, think about how much space you've actually got and be realistic when considering the things you want from your kitchen. A small kitchen by no means has to be a disappointment but you might just have to make some small sacrifices along the way.

The key to small kitchen design is to ensure you create an environment that can house all of your appliances and allow you to work efficiently - that must always be your basic criteria.

Just because you've got a small kitchen, don't let the fundamentals of kitchen design slip. The triangle theory still stands up, so you ensure you group your most frequently used appliances and surfaces in that shape if possible.

The next obstacle you have to overcome is the issue of storage. On the plus side, designing a small kitchen takes most of your options away from you in terms of where you can put things, but it's useful to come up with a few clever storage solutions.

Finally, make sure if you're not particularly adept at DIY that you get skilled professionals to carry out the work. In small kitchen design this becomes even more imperative, as everything needs to be measured up and fitted precisely.

Like any large job that needs doing, make sure you get a couple of quotes to drive the price down. Even if you're not the best haggler, make sure you let the various companies know you're getting a number of estimations.

Following all of these tips will ensure you get a small kitchen that packs a massive punch.

By Thomas Baugh writes articles for a site that helps you create fantastic kitchen designs.

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