Fashion and Interior Designing

Every woman out there, of all groups can testify to the importance of owning their little black dress. The dress is a staple in a woman's wardrobe because it can be used in more than one manner. Black is a classic color that works for both formal and informal occasions. But more than the dress having a classic look, the dress is a secret weapon that women turn to in a pinch. Combining the dress along with other fashion accessories will determine the formal or informal look. The dress allows a woman to "throw something together" and still achieve a look that appears very well planned.

Fashion can be compared to interior design because of the process used. Within both processes exists a staple piece or focal point. In fashion, the black dress is the focal point, which is complemented by fashion accessories. In interior design, the focal point is an item you first notice upon entering the room, complemented by household accessories. Common focal points are things such as fireplaces and large paintings. But focal points do not have to exist on a grand scale. Just like in a woman's wardrobe, the focal feature can be something basic and simple; just noticeable.

If you are like the majority of people, creating a room's focal point can be quite challenging. Where do you begin? Well, there are factors to consider when choosing an appropriate focal point, like the room's size or existing décor. However, if you are trying to simplify the process even further, have you considered the following?

A classic area rug is a very simple way to create a focal point. An area rug can be that "little black dress" you pull from the closet in a pinch. Consider what a floral area rug could do for your décor. Floral area rugs are perfect for spring and summer. They are typically full of color and have the ability to rescue a room from a boring existence. In a room that offered no previous focal point, your eyes will surely be drawn to the vibrant floral rug.

If you are not so into flowery décor, you could perhaps opt for a contemporary area rug as your room's focus. Contemporary rugs are available in a stunning variety of styles and colors. A contemporary rug can transport a room into modern times without breaking the bank. Walking into a room and having your attention immediately drawn to a modern focal point sets the stage for a room that is up-to-date. Completing the modern look is as simple as updating the room's accessories; further bringing the room's décor into a modern feel. This "little black dress" definitely becomes a staple in this room's design.

Only you can determine the look you want your "little black dress" to provide. Formal, informal, floral, or contemporary; the list can go on and on. It's easy to see how an area rug can transform a room in a pinch. Just like that little black dress, with the use of basic accessories can provide the exact look you want to achieve. An area rug can do the same for any room.

Design consultant Sarah loves interior design and getting inspiration from unusual sources. Her most popular tip is to accessorize and some of her favorites are red rugs and black rugs.

Article Source: EzineArticles.com